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You can listen to this character from Monty Python's Flying Circus as many times as you like . . .

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Yeh . . . .

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But, why would you? Isn't already more than enough mail being sent around the world? The only advantage of this digital method lies in the lack of wasting paper.
Or, you yourself must find it such an absolutely precious epistle that you cannot suppress the urge to save it for eternity and therefore must quickly print it before it disappears into the great InterNot!
Try and eradicate this urge! Trees and oxygen consumers will be grateful.

I am that "old geezer", seen this time at a performance by Symphony X (after Thunderstone and before Stratovarius) on March 29, 2003 in 013/Tilburg/NL.
(Yes, in the fabulous StarOne T-shirt!!)

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