This is my first effort at trying to make this an English version web site. Suggestions for improvements are very much appreciated!
Still working at it!
It must be for this really looks like . . . .

Indeed, this doesn't look like much yet. This is one of my initial efforts. First try to find out if I can make this a logical web site. For now there is a lot of rubbish. Right?

It was my intention to make this site with mainly pictures of concerts and festivals I visited (attended?). Some deviation from that is slowly creeping in, because I am not doing that as much as I used to do, and by changing to a different hosting provider I got plenty of web space. So, I now have added several sub domains to spread photos and other downloadable things to those looking for sources and support (on computer, software use and application matters).

Because I didn't only take pictures of the musicians and their entourage, you might find yourself here in the audience as well. But, you then must have been there, I think.
I have never succeeded in taking a snapshot of someone who wasn't there him or herself.

Although, sometimes people did appear to be not really there.

Other pages:

Who am I? - Everything you (do not) want to know about me.

Music - A rather whimsical choice.

The pictures!! - In abundance and a bit more.

Links - Sites and people I also found interesting.

Contact? - Click here to send E-mail.
Click here for pictures of the Airshow Eelde 2005
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