This is my first effort at trying to make this an English version web site. Suggestions for improvements are very much appreciated!
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This is a rather random choice. Things I once downloaded.

In MS IE it sounds good, but not in FireFox. Have to investigate.

Hmmm, it just was entirely due to a setting here, somewhere in QuickTime.

Are you also using FireFox and the sound is erratic? Just send me a message through Contact?

The tracks below are either the same as free to listen to/to be downloaded from their own site or put here with their consent.
(I'll have to contact them about the latter.)

GridLock: Feeder (pre-demo-release)
ChromeShift: In My Own Dream (sample)
Guapo / Black Oni: II (sample)
Arjen Lucassen / StarOne: Dream Sequencer (sample)
Virgil Donati / OTV / Serious Young Insects: Native Metal

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